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Alliant Technologies is the wise choice for your warehouse and distribution control system needs. Our experience has allowed us to understand the large investment in time and capital when designing a new or re-working an existing automation system.

Our engineering team works hard on the front-end of a project to make sure that any issues are resolved prior to installation and will work closely with your team to address any concerns before any equipment or software is deployed.  Our team has  experience designing, manufacturing and commissioning turnkey controls and software solutions including parcel sortation system which has over 42,000 conveyors and over 7,000 control panels.

Alliant Technologies is on the cutting edge of new technology;  we provide the highest quality of control and software solutions that are scalable and repeatable.   Our goal is to always exceed our customer’s expectations. We offer a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that allows operators to see in real time the progress of various parts of the system, perform cost saving functions and help address any issues before they become a problem.  It’s simple to use with very little training needed and can be used on thousands of different manufacturers of conveyor and sorter systems.

Our warehouse distribution solutions also includes:

  • Warehouse execution systems

  • Fulfillment technologies

  • Voice solutions

  • Store solutions

  • Mobility and wireless

  • Light/RF-directed picking and putting

  • BI / Dashboards

  • Alliant’s MDS (Monitoring and Diagnostics System) Pyrgos Suite


We offer the ability to work with any automated system and can re-control an existing system while still maintaining your operations.

Alliant Technologies uses its proven Project Management methodology (PM@AT) to ensure the project flows through its various stages with the highest level of efficiency and control. 

Other Alliant Technologies Services:

  • PLC Programming

  • Upper level, highly available Control Systems (Warehouse Control Systems / WCS)

  • Advanced Traceability Management

  • Maintenance Diagnostic Systems

  • Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)

  • Emulation/Simulation Services

  • Facility Maintenance Contracts

  • In-House Panel design and Fabrication Software Development

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