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Alliant Technologies delivers customized strategic technology solutions designed to drive measurable success and innovation for our trusted partners globally. Alliant Technologies brings domain knowledge and expertise from our extensive achievements in the controls and automation industry.

Our talented team of Engineers, Project Managers, and Solution Architects guide our clients with their software and automation strategy, no matter the capacity or deployment requirements. Our ability to efficiently scale and deploy our resources has been a key success factor for Alliant Technologies and partners.

Software Solutions

​Manage your operation's performance with Alliant Technologies' controls solutions along with many of our other operational efficiency tools.  Many of our solutions are designed upon a variety of platforms to align with our clients’ ecosystem and already existing enterprise tools.


Consulting and System Integration (C&SI) services

​Alliant Technologies' team of experts advise clients on the right steps to make sure projects launch on time, whether your're looking to enhance, rip-and-replace, re-control, or customize your existing controls automation systems. Our years of experience developing and integrating global control system and software solutions provide our partners with an overall professional experience.

  • ​Walk-through your facilities and processes

  • Define the problem by developing a Problem Statement

  • Evaluate needs vs. risk

  • Design a development strategy

  • Create a deployment strategy

  • Custom Solution

Our talented solution team passionately works towards project success. Our team partners with you to develop efficient systems for your organization, while ensuring the necessary coordination of all points of integration.

​Managed Cloud Infrastructure

​​To keep up with the speed of business, more companies are replacing IT infrastructures with cloud-based services. Choosing the right cloud provider is critical to achieving the cost savings and agility that the cloud can deliver. Lack of scalability, new use cases, and evolving standards all affect the choice of a cloud provider.

Alliant Technologies' team of experienced professionals guide our partners through the enablement process of design, integration, and deployment of a cloud-based solution, in an effort to replace part or all of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Our solutions help organizations harness the flexibility of the cloud to free their core IT teams from critical, but time-consuming tactical tasks, so they can focus on strategic objectives and driving innovation.

​Programming Languages

  • All varieties of C based languages including C, C++, and C#.

  • SQL languages to include, PL-SQL (Oracle), and Transact-SQL (MS SQL Server)

  • BASIC including Visual Basic, Visual Basic .Net

  • Assembly

  • All varieties of scripting languages including JavaScript, shell scripts, 3rd party application specific languages, etc...


  • XML

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